Our first undergrad-led paper is published on Mater. Chem. Front.

Our recent review article “Interactions between fullerene derivatives and biological systems” was accepted in February and is now online at https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2023/qm/d3qm00004d

In this work, two high-achieving undergraduate students, Mark John Siringan and Abhiram Dawar directly worked with Jason, and reviewed the recent advances in the interaction between fullerene derivatives and biological systems. We believe this paper will facilitate systematic understanding of the rational design of fullerene-based nanomedicine. The work is part of our group’s research theme to use fullerenes as a molecular platform to develop biomedical functional materials.

Materials Chemistry Frontiers is a Royal Society of Chemistry journal, with an impact factor of 8.68. The first author Mark John Siringan is a senior undergrad who has been in our group for 3+ years and is about to submit his first-author research paper. He wants to go to medical school after extensive research experience at Rutgers. The second author Abhiram Dawar is a senior student who has worked in the group for nearly two years, and an Aresty research fellow. He will start the M.D program in New Jersey Medical School this fall.

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