Grad Student – Rohin Biswas


I am Rohin Biswas, a graduate student in the Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and started working in Fall 2017. I am from India and I have completed my BSc-Research degree from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, with Chemistry major and Biology minor, class of 2017.

I am interested in the design of macromolecular assemblies at the nanoscale level. I want to utilise these materials in various applications like nanomedicine, protein folding, imaging and sensing. Most importantly, I also want to develop a deeper understanding in the design of these materials and develop expertise in functionalization of the material. My research interests in the Zhang Lab is to synthesise functionalized EMF derivatives for using them as MRI contrast agents and as nanomedicines. When not doing research, I would like to engage myself in developing science communication techniques to address scientific concepts to people who are not into research. My non-academic interests include travelling and photography. This is the link to my personal website: