Dr. Yanbang Li

Yanbang photo

Dr. Yanbang Li obtained his B. Sc. degree from Shandong University (P. R. China) in 2012, and Ph. D. degree from Peking University (P. R. China) in 2017. He has done a lot of research on C60 and C70 chemistry in the Gan group at Peking University, before he joined the Zhang group at Rutgers University. His research interests includes multi-functionalization of endohedral metallofullerenes (EMFs), synthesis of endohedral metalloazafullerene, synthesizing material molecules containing EMFs as building blocks and exploring the properties of these EMF derivatives. His favorite activity in the lab is obtaining single crystals. When not in the lab, he usually reads novels, watches movies and travels around.

Dr. Li left Zhang lab in Dec 2021. He will become a new postdoc in Prof. Yamago’s lab at Kyoto University.