Undergraduate Student – Tyler Chen

Tyler is an undergraduate student who is pursuing a double major in Cell Biology/Neuroscience and Psychology.  He believes that in life, one must take the chance to learn new experiences to better oneself. As a result, he joined Zhang Lab in January 2019 and has taken an interest in the organic chemistry/biomedical application of the lab. Since joining he has diversified his experience from that of his majors and is excited to work in a team of research driven lab members. Currently, he is interested in the organic synthesis of fullerene MRI contrast agents through click chemistry and its applications in drug delivery. Outside of research, Tyler is the treasurer for the Rutgers medical club: HOSA and is a volunteer at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and Saint Peter’s Hospital.  After his graduation in 2021, Tyler plans to go to medical school and pursue his MD. He enjoys playing tennis, drawing, and playing the cello in his free time.